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Trace Collaborative is a woman-owned HUB partnership founded on the notion that design, and projects surrounding design, should be a series of conversations, giving stakeholders and specialists from each field the ability to contribute and create the highest level of sustainability possible for a specific project. We understand the importance of interdisciplinary design, and the values of facilitating a holistic, collaborative planning process to harness the talents and energies of all interested parties resulting in a feasible action plan. We possess strong strategic planning, analysis and project management expertise that supports key stakeholders in moving towards successful and sustainable outcomes. Trace Collaborative, as noted in the name, is about collaborations, conversations and team work.

We can help you.
With backgrounds in design, leadership, education and organization, our range of services can help you with a full spectrum of possibilities including:
  Researching, outlining and implementing green building strategies
  Facilitating charrettes and design workshops to empower all views within the team and produce a valuable and workable solution 
  The creation of “green” Owner Project Requirements for use in future projects and team selection 
  Campus sustainability program development
  Writing and editing support for reports, proposals and resumes Projects & Clients